Bun ken and Xoi xiem Phu Quoc

Bun ken and Xoi xiem Phu Quoc
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Bun ken with a special flavor of sea and good smelling of the broth or Xoi xiem is the dish you have to try when coming to Kien Giang.

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Bun ken

What is Bún Kèn?

Part salad, part soup, bún kèn is a speciality of Phu Quoc Island, off Vietnam’s southwest coast. It’s a rich, fishy, crunchy, sweet and sour concoction, which makes use of the island’s abundant seafood and tropical fruit. The fish-based broth also has coconut juice and lemongrass, giving it a thicker consistency, amber colour, and distinctive tang. The broth is poured over bún (white rice noodles), on top of which go a variety of fresh herbs, pulverized fish, bean sprouts, and a crunchy mixture of shredded green papaya and cucumber. A little bit of fresh red chilli ties all these flavours together. The result is a tropical island in a bowl: vibrant colours, fruits from the jungle, fish from the ocean; at once hot and refreshing.


Try bún kèn at Ms Ut Luon’s street stall: No.87 on 30/4 Street, Duong Dong town, Phu Quoc Island  for 20,000VNĐ ($1) a bowl, served from 6-9am daily.

Bun Ken via youtube 

How is it served ?

Bun ken is not a popular dish but is a common dish in the daily meals of Kien Giang people. The fish used to make this dish is snakehead. After cleaned, the fish is cut into small pieces and marinated with some spicies, cooked and grinded. Finally, the fish is stirred with chili, garlic and lemon grass.

The broth is made from fish bone, coconut milk, five spice powder and lemon grass to create an attractive color and flavor.

A delicious dish will be served with many kinds of vegetable, cucumber, bean sprouts or papaya salad. A bowl of Bun ken is full and attractive by the combination of many different ingredients. When enjoying it, you will feel a unique of the sea.

Bun ken costs about 20,000 VND and is often available in the morning. You can add some fish sauce or chili when eating this dish, depended on your interest.

Xoi Xiem via Youtube

Xoi xiem

The sticky rice with good smelling is blended with the attractive coconut milk inside is the dish you ca not miss when coming to this land. The main ingredients of this dish are sticky rice, egg, sugar, flour, corn powder, pandan and coconut milk.

The rice used to make this dish is a good kind of sticky rice. The rice is immersed into the water overnight and then is boiled with pandan. The inside part of this dish is made from egg, sugar and coconut milk in a fixed rate and finally, added a little flour and mixed well.

You have to stir constantly and make it cool. After it has well done, it will be cut into square pieces and served with the sticky.

Eating the sticky rice with a good smelling and feeling the sweetness, greasy and fragrant of pandan, it is really interesting. A plate of Xoi xiem is often about 10,000 to 15,000 VND.

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