Fingernail Island: a paradise south of Phu Quoc

Fingernail Island: a paradise south of Phu Quoc
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Fingernail Beach on Fingernail Island is one of Vietnam’s best beaches. With soft white sand, turquoise water, and coral teeming with life this is one beach you have to visit while you are here on Phu Quoc!

Fingernail Beach is a beautiful white sand beach located on Fingernail Island (also known as “Hon Mong Tay”) situated in the Gulf of Thailand and is part of the An Thoi archipelago.

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How To Get To Fingernail Island

The only way to get to Fingernail Island is by boat.  You can either join a snorkeling/diving tour of the south or commission your own both from An Thoi port. Go to the harbor of An Thoi and search for a boatman to start the trip to Fingernail Island in the early morning. The crossing from An Thoi to Hon Mong Tay takes about 45 minutes.

The price for a trip is about VND 800,000. If a lunch with delicious seafood is included, the price will be about VND 1,000,000. That is the equivalent of 40 euros for a boat.

Fingernail Island via Phu Quoc International Airport

What to explore at Mong Tay Island?

The northern island is quite small and surrounded by a beautiful coral reef teeming with life. The beach here is small and quite nice. It's great place to sun bathe and relax. Many locals come here to have a picnic during the day and as such is can get a bit crowded around noon. The best time to visit the beach and island is during the early morning, just before the tour boats come in.

The southern island has a beautiful white sand beach however the coral and snorkeling is not that great. The beach here is very picturesque and you feel like you are in truly paradise. The sand is white nd powdery and the ocean is clean and bluish green in color. Even though it's small, it is one of Phu Quoc best beaches and still relatively unknown.

  • Crystal clear water.
  • Pristine and untouched, the island is still fairly immune to civilization.
  • Palm-fringed beaches.
  • The island also boasts coral reefs.
  • The ultimate island paradise.
  • Seafood is bountiful on Mong Tay Island
  • The island is a short boat ride from Phu Quoc.

What To See

Turquoise water, white sand beaches and a few palm trees are what people think about when imagining the perfect island paradise. However, those that come to mind such as The Maldives or Bali are already well-trodden.

But located to the south of the well-known Phu Quoc Island, Mong Tay rivals its Indian Ocean counterpart, only it’s much less crowded and expensive.

If you are looking for an exotic island getaway away from the crowds, then this is surely the island for you.

The beach – The beach here is very picturesque and you feel like you are truly in paradise.  The sand here is white and powdery and the ocean is clean and blueish green in color. Even though it is small, it is one of Phu Quoc’s best beaches and it is still relatively unknown.

The beach is really small and has just the island’s jungle behind it. The sand is magnificently white, the water clear and turquoise and the view at the archipelago is just awesome.

Fingernail Island via Phu Quoc International Airport

What To Do

Swimming – the water here is calm and clear, perfect for swimming.

Snorkeling Fingernail Island – The reef around the island is shallow which makes it perfect for snorkeling. There are a few hard coral species here, a lot of scattered rocks, and some seaweed.  In terms of marine life, you may be able to see small schools of barracudas, giant clam, puffer fish here as well as a plethora of small Technicolor fish.

Kayak to Fingernail Island from Vung Bau Beach

The northwest of Phu Quoc Island is where you’ll find the crescent-shaped Vung Bau Beach. From here, you can rent a kayak and paddle your way to Fingernail Island – known for its finely-manicured sands. If you’d rather save your energy, there are plenty of catamaran cruises that go here, too.

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