Reasons for you to visit Phu Quoc for New Year holiday

Reasons for you to visit Phu Quoc for New Year holiday
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Exploring Mong Tay rock, contemplating the whole scene of Phu Quoc from above or sipping a beverage at a seashore bar are worth-to-try experience when visiting Phu Quoc.   

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Seashore bars

Because of a large number of tourists, Phu Quoc has a lot of wonderful bars. However, the bars by the seashore are always more attractive, especially Rory bar.

Tourists like coming here to relax, enjoy the food and watch sunset. The menu is various, the beverage is from 40,000 VND and dishes from 80,000 VND. 

Rooftop coffee

Dragon fly Coffee is considered as the top of Indochina because of prime location and the whole town view. It has been available recently but attracts tourists by spacious atmosphere, green and beautiful view. The beverage is also very various with menu for day and night, the average price is 35,000 – 40,000 VND.

From the café, you can see the sky, sea and mountains of Phu Quoc. It is on the top, the road is rather small so it is rather difficult to find out. You should turn in the raddle road at Sao Mai Hotel and go straight ahead.

Seashore bar via VNgo

Pristine islands

From November to April is the perfect time to visit Phu Quoc with convenient weather. You can visit pristine islands such as Mong Tay, May Rut, Dam Ngang… at the South of Phu Quoc to enjoy the peace.

A lot of tours by boats or canoes go to islands every day. You should book a tour in advance to visit three islands above, swim, dive and see coral with the price of 750,000 VND/person (by canoe).

Pretty hostels, bungalows, resorts, hotels

Compare to other destinations, booking hotels in Phu Quoc is much easier because of diverse hotel system. However, mini hotels and homestay are tourists’ best choices when visiting Phu Quoc with cheap price and beautiful scene. If you go in group, you can choose a simple room with mutual space to talk, make friends and cook. 

Resorts by seashore are also ideal choice for you New Year holiday. Tran Hung Dao St has a lot of seashore resorts which are not very far from the center. If you book in advance, you can save a large amount of money and be able to stay in room with beautiful view and the price is about 1million VND/night.

Phu Quoc beach via Vietnam Coracle

Delicious dishes

Phu Quoc is famous for fresh seafood but instead of trying in restaurants, why don’t you experience a seafood meal in a faraway island? The boat taking you to explore will stop at an island to have lunch. In here, you can choose the seafood you want and ask the local to cook, it will be much cheaper.

Apart from shrimp, squid, oysters… don’t forget to try herring salad – the specialty of Phu Quoc. Herring salad is rolled with paper rice, herbs and scraped coconut. It costs about 150,000 VND/plate.

4-star resort on Phu Quoc Island

With natural scene, pure blue sea and white sandy road…, Famiana Resort & Spa Phu Quoc will impress you at the very first sight. Along Bai Truong lies the longest resort of Phu Quoc, Kien Giang. This 4-star resort has total area of 4ha with yellow sandy road, deep blue sea water and 2 rows of coconut trees. This resort has fresh air and famous for the best place to watch sunset.

With open air, the resort has about 100 rooms designed in bungalow architecture with garden and sea view. This is exactly perfect choice for your holiday and it is compared to Hawaii. These 300m2 swimming pools will make your summer more energetic and relaxing.

Apart from nice location, Famiana also impress tourists by perfect services. You can consult for the comments of resort’s services on TripAdvisor or The restaurant of the resort is designed in warm style and it serves morning buffet, A La carte menu and Asia-Europe cuisine. Spa by the sea will bring you the most relaxing hours.

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