5 Fishing Villages In Phu Quoc (P2)

Phu Quoc fishing village

Ham Ninh fishing village is the most well-known in Phu Quoc, besides there are several other fishing villages that’s worth a visit. Next time you come to Phu Quoc, don’t forget to visit peaceful fishing villages such as Cua Can village, Ganh Dau village, Rach Tram village, Rach vem village.

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3. Ganh Dau Fishing Village

Ganh Dau is a relatively small fishing village where you can find the basic supply with fuel, water and some food items and also has a hair salon anymore. You will feel the idyllic lifestyle of local people, fish exposing into sun, happy kids playing around the village, fishing boats mooring in the marina. Ganh Dau to the fishing village is where you can clearly see the coast of Cambodia.

Ganh Dau fishing village
Ganh Dau fishing village

4. Rach Vem Fishing Village

Situated in the north of the island, a fishing village Rach Vem is relatively small, with 170 households. Rach Vem fishing village is about 20 km from Duong Dong. You can move to it by motorbike or car. The scene is a fishing village as a harmonious picture of nature, with little color of the sea, the sky slightly colored, add some coolness of the wind will make you extremely comfortable.

Rach Vem fishing village
Rach Vem fishing village

5. Rach Tram Fishing Village

Currently it is not easy to reach the fishing village Rach Tram because of crooked road. But once you come to Rach Tram, you can participate in activities to discover Rach Tram rivers, Rach Tram beaches, Ham Rong mountain.

Along small wooden boats with the help of the paddle, you will have the opportunity to explore the unspoiled beauty of the river Rach Tram, mangrove trees and flowers.