Great Itineraries To Explore Phu Quoc Island (P1)

Phu Quoc island

Phu Quoc island is also well known as emerald island of Vietnam – armed with marvelous beaches, azure water and swaying coconut trees. Plus with abundance of entertainment activities and attractions, Phu Quoc island has been on hit list of travelers around the world. Let’s know popular itineraries to explore Phu Quoc island.

>> 5 Reasons to Visit Phu Quoc Island

Discover the South Of Island:

  • Japanese pearls Plantation: Learn pearl manufacturing process, visitors can buy the pearls as souvenirs for your loved ones.
  • Historic Phu Quoc prison: Find out war crimes of US imperialism
Ham Ninh fishing village
Ham Ninh fishing village
  • Sao beach: Surround yourself with the cool waters of the blue sea and white sand
  • Suoi Tranh (Tranh stream): Climbing, spring bath and enjoy the cool waters of the stream stemming from Ham Ninh mountain.
  • Pepper garden near Da stream: Learn traditional methods of pepper to create a special target of the people of the island, visitors can buy specialty in garden pepper.
  • Phu Quoc fish sauce factory: Learn traditional methods of fish sauce – a seasoning of every meal for Vietnamese.
Da Ban stream
Da Ban stream
  • Phu Quoc sim wine factory: Understanding the process producing specialty wine sim Phu Quoc is brewed from the fruit sim only quarter in Phu Quoc Island. Guests can enjoy complimentary wine or buy as a gift for a loved one (Procurement costs excluded)
  • Dinh Cau Rock: Symbol and cultural beliefs of the Phu Quoc island, a place for good luck, peace and demand is where local fishermen entrust confidence for a trip out to sea full of fish caught when returning.